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About OZE.IOAbout OZE.IO

In today's world, the internet is very important in the modern society. Almost everyone cannot live without it. One important part of internet is the URL, and we utilize them to share personal things such as pictures, videos, books, products, and etc... That is why you need to create your own URL to make it friendly, easy to remember, and easy to send. OZE.IO will help you do that, and we will make you URL shorter to make it simpler to share with everyone

What is OZE.IO ?

OZE.IO is an URL shortening service to help you make your URL shorten and easier to remember to share.

What is an URL Shortener ?

URL shorteners are short Web addresses that redirect to the longer, full URL. (That stands for Universal Resource Locator - it just means the website address, like all goes well, the experience of visiting a short URL is virtually seamless for the end user. They click on a link, and they get redirected to their intended destination. The most common place to see shortened URLs is in Twitter where character limits make it difficult to list the full address to websites.

Why OZE.IO is the best ?

We are not just an URL Shortener. We are the powerful URL Shortener ! Here are a few reasons why our service is the best one around:
  • OZE.IO is the first URL shortening service that supports multiple URLs.
  • OZE.IO uses SSL Certificate Security, which increases the SEO marketing.
  • We have the pro-analytics system with clean and simple interface that is easy to understand (See demo :
  • We can make a QR code for each URL created on OZE.IO.
  • You can easily manage your URLs by using tracking code or create an account to manage them.
  • You can protect your URLs with your password.
  • You can set click limit for each URL created.
  • You can set expiration time for each URL created.
  • Easy to customize URL Alias

Contact us

All complain about spam, scam or any problem or you can request a new feature please contact us at infomation below :